Best Time to Sell Your House?

When should I sell my house?
There is so much to think about when moving to a new house. Where to look, what to look for, communities, schools, work, travel … the list is endless!
When selling your house, it is likely that many questions will be forming in your mind. One of which will be when to sell your house.
There are many factors involved in getting the best price for your current home. A question that might not strike house sellers straight away is what season to sell your house in. What is the best period?
Autumn? Winter? Spring? Summer?
My Big Move has factored in the benefits of each period and written up the best ways to sell the property during each of the four seasons. Take a look …


Selling your house in Autumn
Autumn can be a good period for selling your home. The market generally picks up after the school year begins again so the house hunters are out and about, hoping to move in by Christmas.
Aesthetically, selling your house this season can be particularly pleasing to the eye in regards to property visits. If you have any trees nearby or in view of the property, it is sure to strike a scenic connection with any budding house viewer. Think about purchasing some wooded scents and cinnamon candles, too, as these can strike a fine balance between the colours and smells of the fall season.
A few dry Autumn leaves littering the ground can be scenic, but make sure the gardens and the areas around the house aren’t absolutely covered in sodden wet greenery. Not a good look when selling a house. A good tip for selling your home is to make sure you have an effective garden tidy before any potential viewing, so make sure this is done.


Selling your house in Winter
Winter can be a tough time to sell a house. However, if you abide by some strict rules dung the house selling period, you can give yourself a few advantages that no other season can offer.
A great house selling tip in winter is to identify one of the most important aspects of the house buying process and target it for success: first-impressions.
It is one of the best homely comforts: walking through the threshold and closing the door on a dark wintery evening to find yourself flooded with the warmth and light of your own home.
If you manage to nail this feeling every time a house hunter comes knocking, you can bet you’ll be on your way to achieving a house sale.
The scenery always takes a knock during winter (if it isn’t snowing!). However, if any plants or trees surrounding your house lose their leaves, this leaves the door open to a seasonal ‘good view’. If you have any trees that block a panoramic view in the summer, for instance, then winter would be the perfect time to sell as it gives the house another great seasonal feature.


Is Spring the best time to sell your home?
Widely considered to be the perfect time to sell a home due to several factors. The upturn in weather conditions and bloom of the British wildlife can display properties at their most colourful and appealing.
One of the steps for selling a house is the photographs. Those pictures of the house and garden are going to look bright and sparkly during the spring season.
The warmer days have people in a brighter mood, thinking of summer and the future and therefore more likely to get up and go house hunting.
It can be quite common for ​families to start looking in the Spring, too, as they might be looking to close a deal by the end of the summer holidays so their kids can start school unperturbed.


Sell your house fast when the sun’s out?
Whilst some might look at the summer as an ideal time to sell with more time on their hands, this actually works backwards. You might have more time on your hands, but so do most other people during the summer.
Solicitors and surveyors might be away, kids will be back from school and taking up the parent’s time that could otherwise be spent house hunting, instead. These are all are significant in the process of selling a house, so you need to make sure everything can come together when looking at the ways to sell your property.
However, many still prefer it to the winter months because of the increase in wildlife, colourful plants and general good-feeling the sun brings.

What is the best time for selling your house?

Springtime is certainly the most popular time for selling a house. Typically, the housing market will gather pace from around March and continue its upward trend until around June. There will be a slight dip over Summer, an upward trend in the Autumn before the biggest dip over Winter.
However, we’ve highlighted other benefits that can come with each season. Location can also affect the best time to sell. For instance, if you are trying to sell a coastal home, it is advisable to list it during the spring/summer months as it’s more likely to have older buyers looking for a retirement home. These types of buyers will not be affected by jobs or other factors, they’ll be looking for a better climate.
So, if you feel your house is situated in an area that could be affected by the season, either positively or negatively, then it’s good to check through this article and see which period would be most suitable for you.
If you feel like you need more ideas for increasing your home’s value when selling your property, then you can check our article on 4 Easy Ways to Increase Property Value.

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