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Compare the Best House Survey Quotes!

Here at My Big Move, we really empathise with the struggles and stresses that come with a house move – there’s so much for you to think about and so many big decisions to make! 

Your new home is the most important purchase you’ll ever make, so getting a survey is crucial in making sure your new property is the right one! So, why use us to compare Home Buyers Survey Quotes? 

• Experienced and Qualified 

The Building Surveyors that we suggest to you on our website are all regulated and experienced in their field. 

The RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) are the top of the chain in making sure this is maintained and the guidelines are met. 

This adds a bit of safety and security to you in knowing that your Property Surveyors are experts at what they do. Having a professional opinion will reassure you. They know what they’re looking for, after all.

• Receive Advice from an Expert 

The Property Surveyors that we supply you with are only from regulated and experienced firms. You can then feel more safe and secure knowing that the job is being done effectively. In the run-up to a house move, the more advice and information you can receive, the better! 

Having a professional on-hand to review your chosen property and spot any defects or maintenance issues will mean that any issues can be be quickly addressed so you can enjoy a stress-free start in your new home. 

• Receive Results Instantly 

There’s no waiting around, you will have access to your search results straight away. That way, you can get to work and compare Home Buyers Survey quotes instantly! 

My Big Move supplies you with up to 4 results, based on the details you provide us with – making it specific to your needs. In addition, you can gain access and read reviews written by previous clients of those suggested companies. 

• Access Company Profile Pages 

As stated, any company that we suggest to you will have their own profile page on our website. This is where you can find out important information such as contact details, a bit of company background and the services that they offer. 

Researching further information can make it easier for you to compare your Building Surveyor Quotes and give you more detail on the company that might suit you best. 

Types of Home Buyer's Survey

Condition Report  -

The assessment results are presented with an easy and clear 1-2-3 rating system. This can make it easy to identify and understand the major problems. 

The rating categories are: 

Condition Rating 1 – Everything is in working order and appears to be operating as normal, there is no repair needed. 

Condition Rating 2 – There is a maintenance error that is needed but it is not something urgent. 

Condition Rating 3 – There is a repair or maintenance issue that needs to be acted upon in an urgent manner. 

Advantage – The results are formatted in a way that are easy to understand and follow. They can also come with an advice sheet on how to best tackle any problems identified.  

• Disadvantage – It doesn’t contain quite as much detail as the HomeBuyer Report, and is not suitable for older properties. 

Residential Valuation -

This report will give you the Market Value of the property, and potentially the rental value if you ask for it when speaking to your chosen Property Surveyor. 

• Advantage – It gives you the value of the property. 

• Disadvantage – There is no detail on whether there are any problems or defects within the property, or if these problems need to be fixed. 

For its cost, it is specific on what it offers you and although the examination is completed to determine the value of the building. 

If you require a Valuation and a Survey, we recommend you get a quote for your chosen survey type and talk to the Surveyor about including a valuation with it. 

The Home Buyer Report -

The Home Buyers Survey review looks at the condition and construction of the property and looks for things such as damp, mould etc. It looks for defects and maintenance issues inside and outside the home. 

• Advantage – The results are presented in a way that is easy to follow and it comes with more detail than some of the other assessment types. 

• Disadvantage – The Home Buyers Survey is not as detailed as the Building Survey and is not suitable for a severely damaged or older property. 

This is also designed for newer-build properties that are in decent condition. 

Building Survey -

It is well suited to any property, regardless of style or age – especially older houses. 

The Building Survey gives detailed information about problems and defects and suggests ways to get these fixed and repaired.

• Advantage – In comparison to others, this review comes with more detail and gives you suggestions to get it fixed – giving you less things to worry about. 

The survey can also be tailored to suit any problem or ambition you may have for the building. This report type is also suited to older property types and converted or extended properties.  

• Disadvantage – Again, this cannot see under floor boards or behind walls. It’s also more expensive than some of the other structural review types, as you are paying for detail.  

The Benefits of a Property Survey

Although it means spending more money at such an expensive time in your life, getting a property survey completed comes with many benefits! 

Why Choose a Building Surveyor? 

1.) Saves Stress 

We couldn’t think of anything worse than spending money on your dream home, only to find a massive defect that needs to be dealt with early. You and the members of your household could be put in danger. It may sound a tad dramatic, but these cases have happened.

Building Surveyors can help to identify the issues and suggest methods of getting them fixed to relieve your stresses and guide you through.

2.) They Work for You 

As you are the direct employer of the Property Surveyor, they are legally contracted to make you their priority. This is also seen by the RICS – the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors – and they can find themselves in a lot of trouble if they don’t stick to their high standards and guidelines! 

You can therefore feel reassured in the knowledge that you are receiving a highly considered, effective standard of work. 

3.) Saves Money 

We expect that this is your favourite benefit! Although it does involve spending money, you could potentially save yourself thousands of pounds in potential repairs. 

If defects or issues are found, this can be used to decrease the asking price for the house and save you money on the repairs. A win-win situation.


Still Unsure?
If you want to know more about why you need a property survey, then take a look at our quick and easy guide to see how they can help your house move.

Things to Think About When Finding your Building Surveyor Quotes:

• Location 

Insider knowledge about an area can make all the difference when hiring a Property Surveyor. If your Building Surveyor is local, they may have more knowledge of defects in certain areas or certain structural types that can be of use to you. 

However; national Surveyors may be more experienced in different and unusual housing designs. It really depends on what property you're after.

How much does it cost? 

We provide you with quotes instantly. Companies usually base the quote on the location, survey type and price of the property. It’s important to compare Home Buyers Survey quotes and don’t just settle for the first option that you find. 

Also, just because one quote might be the cheapest option – that doesn’t necessarily mean that it's the best one.

• What do you cover? 

As part of the Property Survey, some companies might offer you the property valuation as part of the asking price in the cost and some might add this on. 

This is something to ask about as it could save you some money and help you to decide the company that you want to go with. 

This might seem a lot to take in when trying to decide on a particular surveyor, but pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages to identify which type will work best for you. 

Cost of House Surveys?

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It covers every different type of house survey that you can get in today's market, what each of them cover and how much they can cost you. 

If you're looking for the best firm firm at the right price, then look no further than My Big Move!