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Compare House Removals in London

Moving to a new place can be an exciting time! With the excitement, however, comes a lot to think about. 

Generally, a removals firm is a guaranteed part of the house-moving process. A full removal usually takes up most of the day, depending on the number of items and size of your house. 

The removal day is generally a happy time, however, because it spells the end of the house move! You’re almost there! 

If you’re now looking for a removals firm in London, chances are that you’re on the home-straight and you’d like to compare removal quotes to find the most suitable provider for you. 

So, the question is: how do you find the best removals firm for you?  

How to Find your Local Removal Companies in London 

Searching for a removals firm on our website is easy. 

Once you’ve provided us with a few small details, we can show you a comparison of up for 4 London removals quotes. 

Once you have seen our partners quotes, you can then look deeper into their business, with each firm having a dedicated profile page on our website. 

This is provided so that you can look through the companies’ information and services. You can also see the firms’ reviews and feedback from previous customers, giving you an excellent idea of their suitability for your house move. 

A good bit of advice is not to rush into anything too quickly. We always think it’s best to keep a few London removals in mind. 

You’ll want to compare the best against each other to get the best deal!  

3 Things to Consider when Choosing your House Removal Company in London

1.) What are my dates and availability for moving?

Certain dates and times can prove more expensive when it comes to actually moving house. The more expensive times to move usually fall near or on the weekend as they are clearly more popular. 

Moving on a Friday would give you more time to arrange your items, however, as you practically have a three-day weekend to sort out your stuff. 

The summer months of July and August are also the most popular months to book a removals firm. This is due to the summer holiday period where children are off from school and therefore less likely to be disrupted by the house move. As such, booking a removals firm across London during this time can make the cost more expensive. 

As these dates are more desired, it means they’re going to get booked up quickly – if you know that your removals date is likely to fall on one of these days/months, then leave plenty of time to arrange your moving day with your chosen house movers. 

 2.) Are they regulated? 

You’ll be pleased to know that the removal companies listed on our website are all properly insured and regulated – so this is one less thing to worry about! 

Being registered with BAR (British Association of Removers) means that the moving company is trained, insured and experienced - so they’ll tick every box of your requirements for moving day! 

3.) Do we need any additional packaging materials? 

Sometimes, companies will offer you packaging materials to help with moving day. 

Any removal firms in London is going to have the best knowledge and the right type of materials for packing. 

Speak to your chosen company to make sure you don’t have any repeat materials, as this could help you save money on these additional fees.  

How do I Pick the Right London Removals Company?

Choosing the right removals firm can be simple, it can be tricky. Thankfully, we’re going to cover lots of useful areas you should think about when you’re deciding. Here are a few points to consider. 

• How long has the London Removals company been in business? 

This is usually straightforward. If the company has been in business for a number of years, then they’ll have more experience under their belt. 

Furthermore, if they’ve been doing it for years, then they must be doing something good! Customers must be recognising their expertise and choosing their firm for their removals, too! However, with success can breed complacency! 

Make sure you consider the new heads on the block, too! They’ll be keen to impress with their service! 

• Will you be met with any additional costs? 

This is very important. In the quote we provide to you through our website, you need to make sure that the removals firm has included any additional fees in this. However, additional costs can vary depending on what goods you may have. 

Any London removals will probably want to get a good look at your property first and the items inside. This is more commonly known as a pre-move survey. For this, they will pop by your home and assess the volume of goods in your house to give you a more accurate idea on the price. 

There are often additional charges for specialist items in your house. 
Specialist items can include; 
• Fine Art 
• Chandeliers 
• Large Instruments such as a Grand Piano 
• Antiques 

If you have any of these in your house, make sure to tell your moving professionals! That way, you’re on the same page and you won’t be met with any nasty surprises at the end of the moving process. 

A good removals firm should always want to be thorough in their communication with you. Your London removals company might also be offering storage space, should you need it. If this is something you might need, let them know. It’s one less thing to think about if it’s something they can provide for you. 

If not – don’t worry! There are plenty of storage services that can help you with that. 

• How good is their level of communication? 

Once you’ve met with your movers, assess how well they communicated with you. This is key to the removals process! 

Think about: 
• Do they keep you updated on how things are progressing? 
• Do they ask questions to ensure that things are being done properly?  
• Do they want to act in the best way on your behalf, instead of appearing to rush the job to get it over and done with? 

If you’ve managed to answer 'yes' to the above questions, then you’re on the right track! It’s also important that the customer service is friendly and they’re optimistic about the job. 

You need to get on with the people that you are working with – especially on the day of your move – knowing that you can trust and rely on them is super important. After all, all of your worldly goods and possessions are in their hands for the day (or maybe longer!). 

When to book your Removal Company in London

Generally, it’s never too early to start looking. 

The more organised you are in the run-up, the less you have to think about nearer the time. (This is mainly true for all walks of life!). 

We here at My Big Move recommend that you look for a finalise your chosen London removal company around 3-4 weeks before moving day. You need time to arrange your pre-move survey, additional items, fees etc. 

TIP: If a particular removals firm in London is popular, they’re likely to be booked up well in advance. With the weekends being their busiest time, try to arrange your booking mid-week. This will be the best period to get hold of them. 

There’s no time like the present! Find your perfect removals firm in London today with My Big Move!