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Compare Removal Quotes

Moving house is one of the biggest and most exciting experiences that a person can have in their lifetime – but that’s not to say it doesn’t come with a bit of stress! 

Here at My Big Move, we understand and empathise with this, and so we like to make this experience as easy as possible for you. We have moving companies on hand to help you with your moving day and make the change from home to home run smoothly.  

The Best House Removal Quotes

• You’ll Receive Instant Results 

When it comes down to the time that you need to compare House Removal costs, we can offer you results straight away. 

That means there’s no waiting around for contacts and quotes and you can get going with your comparison instantly. We send you the details of our personal recommendations based on the information that you give us. 

With up to 4 results to compare, it could save you hours of scrolling the internet, trying to find the service that’s right for you. 

• Look at the Profile Pages 

Each of our House Removals companies will have their own personal page on our website. These pages will give you everything that you need to know about each company. This includes contact details, background information and previous work. 

This can hopefully help you to make comparisons and get a bit more detail on the services that you can expect. You can also read reviews here from previous clients about their experiences with the firms provided.

• All Experienced and Qualified 

When getting your Removal Quotes through My Big Move, we will only supply you with companies that are experienced and qualified. 

The BAR (British Association of Removers) work nationally to make sure that moving companies are up to scratch and in keeping with the expected standards. So you’re in safe hands with any of our providers! 

If House Removal companies are not meeting the standards, they could find themselves in a lot of trouble, so it’s in their best interest to work in your favour and do the job well!  

• An Expert Opinion 

Having an expert on hand who knows their stuff can help you to feel a bit more relaxed in preparation for your move. Moving companies will deal with and work with cases like yours every day, so it’s just another day at the office for them when it comes to your big moving day! 

All the help you can get in the run up to the move is always helpful and useful and it’s something you’ll be grateful for when it comes down to the big day.

House Removal Costs

There isn’t really an accurate price estimation to suggest for moving costs. There are many factors that can cause the price to rise and fall when comparing House Removals. 

Here are a few things that can cause your removal quotes to fluctuate: 

Location – The place that you are moving from and to can cause the price to change. 

If your area is high in demand to move to, or if it’s a competitive area for moving companies, you can expect this to have an influence on the price that you are quoted. 

If you are moving locally rather than across country, you might be better using a local moving company as they may not charge as much and might have a better idea of road access and routes to take. This isn’t always the case though and is worth a conversation with your potential companies. 

• Distance – If you’re moving a few doors down or you’re moving the length of the county, it’s a given that the quote given is going to be fluctuate depending on distance! For a local move, you’d be better looking at companies that are based more locally to you as they won’t have as far to travel to get to and from your property. 

Travelling a further distance needs a bit more consideration, as companies will add their own travel distance onto the Removal Quotes. If you use a local company to travel long distance, remember that they will have to travel all the way back to where they started once you are moved in and this can cause a significant rise in what you are charged! 

Thankfully, My Big Move have integrated the distance travelled into the removal quotes you receive. We calculate exactly how far the removal firm is travelling - not just the generic city-to-city mile estimate - and see how long it will take them.

• Volume of Items – Having lots of possessions to move out will also cause the price to change. 

More belongings may mean more trips or more than one vehicle. This will ultimately impact on the price quote. 

We advise that you complete a Removal Survey. This is so that your chosen company can gauge how many items they need to move and how this will affect the cost. 

• Access – Moving companies may charge you more based on the access to your property. 

For example, if they are having to use the back door because it’s easier for bigger items, it adds more time onto their work and will cause the price to go up. 

Have a look for the best access routes to your property and advise this to your chosen company – this can help to speed up the moving process on the day. We try our best to be accurate with our removal quotes, but because there are so many things that can influence the cost, we can’t be 100% accurate. 

Therefore, you’ll need to have a detailed conversation with your chosen firm to make sure everything is covered and an accurate price can then be given.

Additional House Removal Costs

• Removal Surveys 

This allows your moving company to assess just how much it is that they’ll need to move and how many vehicles they might need. 

Some services will make this compulsory – but either way, it’s important to get done so there are no disasters on the day! It might be included in your price quote, but some won’t – make sure you ask! 

• Insurance

Again, this may or may not be included in your initial price quote. Insurance is something that we highly recommend because if anything was to get damaged (let’s hope it doesn’t!), then you’re all covered and insured. Not that anything should or would go wrong, but it could! It’s just a little bit of extra safety and security. 

• Special Handling Items 

These are special case items that your chosen service need to be made aware of. They need to be handled with more care than other items. 

These specialist items include: 

• Chandeliers 
• Antiques 
• Fine art 
• Large instruments (pianos) 

It’s likely that you will be asked about this, but if not, inform your moving experts straight away so that they can factor this in. 

• Storage 

If you are moving into a temporary rented property between your house move, then you might need to put your belongings into storage. 

This is normally charged per cubic foot, per week, and might be a service that your removal company can offer to you. If this is something you feel you might need, it is worth asking your moving company if this is something they can offer for you.

The Benefits of House Removals

• Saves time – With an expert on hand, they can speed up the packaging and removal process for you. 

Having so many things to contend with in the build-up to moving day means that you can focus on other matters and leave the transfer of your belongings to an expert. 

• Experienced – With moving and packing being part of a daily work process, companies will be experts in their field, with knowledge of how best to tackle the different challenges that can arrive.. 

This helps to make you feel more secure on the day that your items are well looked after and handled with care! 

• No Manual Labour – That’s right, with others there to do the heavy lifting, you can almost put your feet up. 

And by put your feet up, we mean worry about all the other things that you might need to organise on the day!

• Vehicle Provided – Although it sounds obvious, if you’re going to try and do it yourself then it’s likely that you’re going to need to hire a larger vehicle anyway. 

If you’re going to need a vehicle, you might as well take advantage of the man power that comes with it! 

• Relieves Stress – It’s like magic really, they pack everything up at one house, then move it to your next place and place everything exactly where you want it!

Removal Quotes: Things to Consider

• Experience – If your moving company has been around for a long time, they must be doing the job right! 

Take advantage of the reviews and recommendations that we offer from previous customers. This helps you better understand how experienced they are and the services you can expect. 

• Location – If you are moving locally, then you may be more suited to a local moving company as they will be closer and charge less for their own travel. 

Moving a greater distance might make your move more suited to a nationwide removals company. They’ll be more accustomed to the longer distances and they'll likely cover wider areas. 

• Dates – Some dates are more popular than others for moving. For instance, Fridays are popular moving days because it gives people three days to unpack and get organised, before they are back to work the following week This is significant, as less popular days may result in cheaper house removal costs. 

• Packaging – Do you have any specialist packing items that you need to inform your moving experts of? Do you have anything that might need to be packed more carefully? 

Some companies will provide covers for things, such as sofas, to keep them clean and dry. Ask your moving company what it is that they can provide in terms of packaging. That way you won't end up with excess materials.

• Communication – It helps if you get on well with the company that you are working with, especially on moving day when stresses are high! 

When communicating with them, do they sound friendly and enthusiastic about their role? You can probably get a good gauge of this beforehand through reading the reviews and feedback provided on our website. 

• What’s included in the initial price quote? – Some companies may include Removal Survey costs in the removal quote. This could save you a bit of money. 

Remember though, cheapest doesn’t necessary make it to the best. So, make sure to use My Big Move to decipher which option is best. Once you have selected the best removals for you, we'll send the company all the necessary details for them to get in touch!