How Much Do House Removals Cost?

The average house removal in the UK costs £600 - £700This figure is based on a variety of factors such as packaging, specialist items, distance travelled and the number of bedrooms.

What do removal companies do?

Removal firms are a professional service that offers the ability to move all of your items and possessions out of your current home and into your new one.

They can:

  • Take care of transporting items: vans or trucks are the standards across the industry and each will easily hold a heavy load of homely possessions.
  • They can lay out the furniture at your next home according to your preferred design, should you wish.
  • They can wrap up and package any necessary items for you if you have not done so already.
  • Some removal firms can also offer storage solutions for your possessions should you require.

House removals service

What are the benefits of hiring a removals firm?

Removal companies save so much time and stress in the house-moving process that many see it as a necessity.

After you’ve completed the process of hiring a surveyor, negotiating your offer and utilising a conveyancer to see through the legal work, you don’t want to be breaking your back trying to do all the heavy lifting when you’ve finally got the keys in your pocket. 

Removing all the possessions yourself can be a tough process. Precious items could be accidentally damaged and you might not have the adequate insurance to cover it yourself. House removals should always have the correct insurance to deal with any incidents like this, so it simply puts your mind at ease. Make sure you check this when considering the removals cost.

They also know what they’re doing. A removals firm should have enough adequate experience in dealing with many different types of house removals. There is a trust here that everything will be taken care of and you can get on with other matters that require your attention.

Before the removals firm gives you a quote, they will come to your home and analyse your possessions and which items will need to go first, last etc. They will also check how the trickier possessions can be carried out of the property correctly.

Are there specific items that will cost more to remove?

Yes, when being quoted by the removal firm, you must always consider the specialist items you possess that may incur a higher removals fee. Items that require special handling include:

  • Antiques
  • Fine art
  • Chandeliers
  • Large instruments

As you can tell, these types of items require the utmost care when being removed from the property, so the house removals company will need to plan ahead on how best to tackle the problem. Then they can work out how this will affect the cost of removals.

What should I provide a moving company beforehand?

A list detailing your furniture status and all the necessary requirements should be provided to your chosen house removals beforehand.

This list provides a home removal company with an accurate idea of price so that they can draw up a well-informed quote for you. Within this list, make sure to include:

  • Larger items within the household: pianos etc.
  • Curtains, blinds and carpets that you will be taking with you.
  • Any items that you can shift yourself.
  • A floor plan of the new property so that the removals firm can deliver the item boxes to the correct rooms.
  • Specialist packaging items: antiques, violin etc.

Items that will need dismantling: wardrobes, cupboards etc.

During comparison, how do I pick the right removals?

See our handy guide for Choosing the Best Removal Company

Factors that might affect the cost of removal companies:

  • Layout:

Stairs; is there enough room to bring items downstairs safely? Any turns or difficult steps? Doorways; if any of these spaces are difficult, then you need to make sure you or the removals service plan a suitable way through them. Driveways; is it steep? How far down does it run? Are there any paths the house removals can use whilst on the job? What about vehicle access? How far do they have to move these possessions to the van/truck?

  • Location: 

If your move is local, costs will be brought down. The removal company doesn't have to transport your items too far and therefore won't charge a higher fee. If the move is nationwide, with you and the removals firm travelling hundreds of miles, then the fee will be driven up with the distance covered. Is your new property hard to reach?

  • Work by Hour: 

How much do removal companies charge?

Most removals will charge by the hour on a base fee. You need to take this into account before you think about any extra charges that will be incurred by your own unique factors.

  • Time Constraints: 

Do you need to move ASAP? If so, this might mean that you need more removal people to help move your stuff. How long will it take to complete the move with the right amount of house movers?

  • Extra Packaging:

Removals may need to use extra materials for some specialist items. For anything large or easily destroyed, you need to consider any extra charges. Or even better, try and sort out the packaging yourself beforehand!

  • Minimum Hire: 

Sometimes, removal services will not accept the smallest jobs. It can cost too much for them for too small a fee. The industry standard is at least 2 hours work.

Average House Removal Costs

How much does a removal company cost?

Across the UK, fees vary from property to property, but removal companies usually charge between £400 - £1000 for a house removal.

The cost of removal firms depends on many factors: necessary packaging, furniture quantity, bedroom count, specialist items and distance travelled are all part of the equation. It's clear that a local removal job for a small property with only a few select possessions is not going to have a huge impact on your moving budget.

Our property experts have had many dealings with a large variety of removal companies across the UK. As such, we have had numerous experience dealing with the common fees and figures likely to be set by the firms. 

We have supplied a table below, which displays the average fees you’re likely to be charged by a moving company depending on the size of your property.

No. of Bedrooms Avg. Fee Packaging Total
1 Bedroom £400 £150 £550
2 Bedroom £500 £200 £700
3 Bedroom £600 £250 £850
4 Bedroom £700 £300 £1000

There are others varieties of a house move that will affect price, such as the distance the removals has to travel.

A good way of considering mileage cost is to add £1 for every mile covered.

How Can I Cut the Cost of House Removals?

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