What's a great way to increase property value?

Your garden can make or break a potential sale. So, we've asked Nicky Roeber, an Online Horticultural Expert with Wyevale Garden Centres, to share his top five gardening tips for sellers who are looking to boost the value of their home.

There are few things more tempting to potential homebuyers than a beautiful garden. As a matter of fact, a well-manicured outside space could even increase the value of your home by as much as 20%, according to research published in the Telegraph. Cleary, homebuyers are far more interested in properties with an impressive outside space — and they’re willing to pay extra to have one.

If you think your garden lacks the wow-factor, you'll want to consider making a few changes before you begin showing your property to potential buyers. Here, we've shared five simple, cost-effective updates that will help you to impress buyers during viewings, and could even increase the overall value of your home.

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Keep it Simple!

Buyers tend to look for a blank canvas that they can customise to their liking, so you'll want to keep the design of your garden simple. Although ornate gardens can look fabulous when done properly, they can be off-putting to buyers, who might see them as too high maintenance. A complicated overhaul is also going to be expensive, which means you'll be less likely to recover the costs when you sell.

Instead, you'll want to keep the space as simple and as open as possible. Although it may seem a little unexciting at first, a well-kept lawn, some simple paving and a flowerbed or two are more likely to impress buyers rather than a complex design with too much going on.

Shelter and Privacy

Potential buyers want to visualise themselves living in your home, and that includes your garden. If they feel that your garden is overlooked by other buildings, then they’re less likely to picture themselves relaxing in it. So, you'll want to do everything you can to add a bit of shelter and privacy to your outside space — especially if you live in a heavily built-up area which is overlooked by taller buildings.

Adding an arbour or canopy structure to seating and dining areas will create a feeling of privacy. Growing a few large, leafy plants along low walls or fences will also help to make your garden feel a bit more enclosed, as will latticed fences or trellises: try growing a few climbing flowers, such as wisteria, morning glory, or clematis along them to create a colourful natural screen.

Ready-Made Displays: Add the Colour!

Some brightly coloured floral displays will instantly make your garden look well-tended and lived in, especially during the spring and summer months. You don’t need to be a seasoned gardener, either: a few ready-made pots and hanging baskets will look wonderful, and all you need to do is pick them up from your local garden centre.

When choosing ready-made displays, always try to stick to a consistent colour scheme, as you risk it clashing if you pick too many different shades. Instead, you'll want to limit yourself to one or two complementary hues. Don’t forget about your front garden, either: a matching pair of trees or shrubs outside your door is sure to impress your viewers when you welcome them to your home. Olive trees and box shrubs both look excellent in containers, and they're fairly low-maintenance, too.

Smaller garden? Find that space!

Even if your garden is on the small side, there are still ways to make it look bigger. Ensure the view from your back door to the bottom of the garden is clear and free from any obstructions, as this will create a longer 'line' for the eye to follow. Adding winding, curving paths or paving stone walkways can make a short distance seem longer, creating the illusion of more space. Varying the elevation in your garden can also help to make it feel more spacious, so consider adding a raised terrace or patio area.

You can even incorporate mirrored accessories into the design of your garden, as this will trick the eye into thinking that there's more space than there really is. Mirrored tiles or mosaics will look great when placed along a back wall or fence, and they won’t take up any valuable room on the ground.

Functionality: How does your garden work?

Your buyers will be more impressed if they can see your garden as an extension of the house: an extra room where they can dine, entertain and relax. So, it will help to demonstrate that your garden can be functional, as well as spacious and beautiful. Creating a seating area on a patio or terrace will help buyers to imagine themselves using the space while adding features — like a hammock, bench, or swing —  to other areas will make your garden feel even more inviting.

When it comes to impressing potential buyers, a stunning, well-maintained garden is sure to do the trick. As long you keep the overall design simple, add a few colourful plants and flowers, and showcase your garden as a functional outside space, then you stand the best possible chance of increasing the value of your home.

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