Which Neighbours Could You Rely On?

Wales found to be the most vigilant part of the UK in terms of home security.

A RECENT STUDY conducted by Direct Line Home Insurance has found Wales to have the most vigilant residents in terms of home safety.

Out of the entirety of the United Kingdom, those in Wales are most likely to do something should they notice a neighbour’s house being targeted, with the East Midlands and the South East following close behind.

On the other hand, those living in London and the South West are the least likely to take action should they notice a burglary or other wrongdoings, with the former reaching a modest percentage of under 60% in regard to those who would do something. Wales, however, boasts nearly 80% in the same survey.

However, those living in Wales are also the least conscious about their own home security, despite being extremely vigilant for others. When asked if they update their social media to let people know they’re on holiday or away from home elsewhere, over 14% of respondents admitted to doing so.

This percentage is staggeringly high compared to other areas of the UK such as the North East and the East of England, boasting low results of 4.88% and 4.95% respectively.


The Next Big Market?

As home security looks set to become a multi-billion dollar market in the near future, Wales is considerably futureproofed, with more residents than the national average having smart alarms and HD cameras installed for protection – despite falling under the average in more dated methods of security, such as monitored alarms and sirens.

There seems to be an air of trustworthiness in Wales, too, as many residents only bother to take the basic precautions of locking doors and windows before they leave their homes, as opposed to activating an alarm or setting timers.

Home security is becoming a much bigger industry than it has been thus far, with many technological breakthroughs and new inventions giving homes a whole new level of safety.

Amazon’s Echo smart speaker is evolving into a home security system, with the ability to link to security cameras (including its very own Cloud Cam), smart doorbells and lights. And, with Amazon’s recent acquisition of Blink, a home security camera startup, the market is being thrust into the limelight with unprecedented speed.

And, as this survey uncovers a severe lack of home security throughout certain areas of the UK, it’s a better time than ever to jump on board and invest.

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