How long does finding a house take

Finding the perfect home: how long does it take?

Finding a house can be a stressful and a time-consuming task. Although it is exciting, it can result in a lot of time worrying and waiting. 

Here are some mistakes and statistics from new homeowners about their journey to find their ideal house. 

In this infographic, we hope to show some of the things that other home buyers have prioritised and experienced to try and make the process as painless as possible.

How long does it take to find a house

Always remember:

  • Look at several estate agents

Although looking online can often be the most convenient way to look for a property, don't forget to search through local estate agents. There are often specialist estate agents that will not post their property on websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

  • Research the area

Before house hunting, you should research the areas that you would like to move to. Prioritise what's most important to you and stick to that list. Do you want good local schools? A short commuting distance to work? A cheaper area for a bigger property?

  • Take your time

Although you can feel pressured to make a decision quickly because of high demand and other bidders, remember that other properties will become available.

  • Have several viewings

Visit the property more than once and if possible at different times of the day, that way you can not only see how the surrounding area during different periods. Lots of traffic at rush hour? Neighbours with noisy kids after school hours? 

  • Hire a surveyor

Although a property may look fine to you or me, a surveyor can spot the tell-tale signs of many hidden structural issues. Having a survey on your potential new home could stop you from making an expensive mistake or possibly help you to renegotiate on the asking price. You can find yourself a surveyor via our quick and easy comparison service

  • Get a conveyancer

Property solicitors will make sure that your home purchase or sale is legally valid. They will guide you through the process carefully and make sure there are no loose ends. By current law, you can actually do the conveyancing yourself, however, we would not recommend it! You can compare property solicitors via our website, both local and nationwide. 

  • Stand your ground

If you think that a property isn't worth the asking price after having a survey, or doing further research try to renegotiate the asking price. Be respectful but firm when negotiating your new offer.

  • Don't become too attached

Try not to pin all of your hopes on a property until the exchange of contracts.  Buying a house (particularly your first home) is an incredibly exciting time, but many things can go wrong before the sale is finalised so try to keep an open mind about other property opportunities. 

If you're thinking about finding your new dream home then we suggest seeking advice from a certified Mortgage Advisor.

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