What's My Property Worth?

When it comes to selling your home, the first thing you'll want to ask yourself is: how much is my house worth?

There are many factors that affect a property's value so it is best to be thorough in your approach, with various methods of checking this. Free online property assessments now available across all major house-listing websites, with many options accessible that affect property prices (such as 'house values in my area'). You may want to have a licensed surveyor come to your door to run through an official property appraisal. They run through many different housing standards, checks and property information to estimate the right value for your home.

When you have a figure you can work with, it's time to start thinking about home improvement and how to add value to your house. 

So, the question is: what adds value to a home?

The Importance of Kerb Appeal

First impressions of a house shouldn’t make or break a deal. In many cases these days, however, they actually do.

This is all down to kerb appeal. If you’re unsure what this is, then it’s its time you found out – it could be worth a lot of money to you!

These alternations can be cheap home improvements that end up adding the most value. Statistically, those looking to buy a house will pay more for a home with great kerb appeal than without.

What is Kerb Appeal?

Essentially, this is how the household looks from the outside. There has been a significant rise in the number of exterior household images available in the last several years, mainly due to the rise of visual social media (Instagram/Pintrest). Various photos of well-kept houses and stunning kerb appeal gain thousands and thousands of likes and shares across the internet. The world has become much more visual online due to these new digital developments and therefore you can express your home in the best possible way when it comes to putting it on the market.

According to recent research by Dulux Weathershield, updating your home's kerb appeal can help tempt Brits to pay 25% more for your house!

Some property viewers just can’t see potential, which is perfectly understandable given people’s busy schedules nowadays. But if they do fall in love with your kerb appeal, then it’s a very good sign for selling your house.

Here are My Big Move’s 4 simple steps to improve the value of your home via kerb appeal:

1.) Paint the House and Front Door

Very important. A fresh lick of the right paint can work wonders with viewings. When people visit a new property, one of the first things they’ll think about – absent-mindedly – is the aesthetic. The colours. The age of the building. Does it look cold and rundown? Or does it look like it's home to a happy family?

If a house has been newly painted, viewers will be pleasantly impressed with both the presentation and the time it would save them. Generally, the less they have to sort out, the more likely that they will make the purchase. Homebuyers will see the value in a new paint job. 

2.) Porch Presentation

Another valuable attention to detail. The porch is such a great addition to a home, but even more enticing when it is well-kept and cleaned. A lot of porches can suffer from the habit of having owners come through the front door of their home and dump their clutter from the day, forgetting about it afterwards. This makes the porch - a space that should welcome a guest - seem uninviting and cold, putting the property viewer in a negative mindset from the off.

Make sure this isn’t you! Any decent plants lying around? Pot them and place them either side. The presentation is everything. A porch is a first impression of the home's inside. Take advantage of this and your house value will thank you. 

3.) Clean Those Windows

A simple bit of advice and such a simple job. Dirty windows can make a house look run-down and sad. Cleaning all your windows inside and out, including frames (making sure any mould is dealt with!) and you can give your viewers a fresh, sparkling look into your home. 

This helps to avoid any attention being drawn to any dirty marks or stains – trust us, homebuyers will NOT want to find mould on the frames! A general rule of thumb when sprucing up these type of things: think about the extra work required by the homebuyer if you keep your house in its current state.

4.) Trim and Plant the Garden

The cherry on top. You have to try and make your garden a cut above the rest. A well-kept garden, complete with planted floral patterns and different wildlife, can mesmerise viewers. In a lot of cases, a great garden is an absolute must-have for homebuyers. This incorporates the walk to the front door, with any possible pathways being decluttered and scrubbed.  

So clear some space, keep it neat, make it colourful, perhaps plant some flowers that match the property's paintwork and you're on your way to winning some serious extra value.

Any railings to enclose some spaces? Give them a fresh lick of paint, too. 

Small Budget - Big Value

A bit of handiwork here and there can still be done on a small budget, which is why these steps are so useful to follow. It’s highly likely that you’ll be looking at a huge boost in property value and speed of sale should you finish these off.

With Brits offering up to 25% more for a house with great kerb appeal, with the average home in the UK valued at £226,000 according to the UK Land Registry (Aug 2017), this means that Brits looking to sell their property stand to make a whopping £56,500 return for great kerb appeal.

What about London? Well, if you're lucky enough to own a house here with the average property price standing at approx. £470,000 (Q3 2017), then you're looking to make £117,500! Think of that? Four simple changes to your kerb appeal could net you a stunning amount of extra value.

So, if you’re looking to sell your property or you’re amidst the process, make sure you use My Big Move to compare trusted and local Mortgage Advisors, Surveyors, Conveyancers and Removals!

Whatever the stage you’re in, My Big Move can help you finish the job!