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Find the  Best International Removal Companies

If a chance of moving abroad is on the cards, then exciting times lie ahead! With such a big change in your lives, here at My Big Move, we aim to make this transition run as smoothly as possible. 

Any move is going to be daunting, never mind moving and starting a fresh somewhere new, that’s why we’re here to help! 

We Can Find the Best International Moving Companies for You!

Here are 4 top reasons as to why you should get your international moving company quote through us: 

Get Expert Advice 

With an expert on hand to offer you wisdom and guidance on your moving experience then there’s some reassurance and security for you. 

International moving companies will work with and deal with situations just like yours and your big moving day will be like a regular day in the job for them! As you get closer to moving day, you’ll be grateful for all the help you can get in the run up to the day. 

• Our Removers are Trained and Qualified 

Here at My Big Move, we want to help you to get the job done and get it done right. Because of this, we will only supply you with the details of fully qualified and professionally trained removal services. 

The British Association of Removers – BAR – work on a national scale to ensure that all companies are meeting the UK standards and are working professionally. 

If the guidelines are not met, then moving companies can find themselves in a lot of trouble – so it’s in their best interest to deliver you with a high standard of service too! 

• Receive Instant Results Instead of having to wait around for companies to get back to you with information and estimations of price quotes, we will give them to you straight away. 

That means there’s no waiting around for responses and you can get to work straight away in comparing your companies and move one step closer to moving abroad! 

Without having to wait around, it really speeds up the process and means that you can focus on other aspects in preparation for moving – there is a lot to think about! 

• Take a Look at Our Providers Profile Pages 

On our website, each company will have a profile page with important details included such as contact details and a bit of background information about their company. 

This gives you a bit more of an insight into what sort of services you can expect to receive and a bit more detail on what sort of service it is that you can expect. 

Here, you can also read reviews from previous clients and customers of each company to give you a better idea of what services you can expect. Take advantage of this as word of mouth and first hand recommendations are one of the best ways to get advice and feedback.

The Cost of Moving Abroad

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact figure that we can offer you in terms of how much you can expect to pay for international removals as there are so many factors that impact the cost. These include: 

• Distance – if you are moving from the UK to France or the UK to Australia, it’s natural that these prices are going to differ massively. 

Inform your removal company of the distance that you are planning to go or the country that you are moving to so that they can give you an accurate price quote based on the distance you are travelling. 

• Volume – the volume of your belongings is also going to make a big difference on how much you can be expected to pay. The more you take, the more space it’s going to take up within the transportation vehicle and this is going to cause your price to increase. 

 It’s like travelling with people, the more people that fill the seats, the more expensive it’s going to be – the same can be said when it comes to moving abroad with the contents of your house! Because there are so many influences on the price of international removals, we cannot supply you with a perfectly accurate price figure. 

 You will need to speak with your chosen company and give them as much detail as possible. The more detail you can give, the more of an accurate quote you can get!

Additional Costs for  Moving Abroad

As well as the above things causing the price to change, there are more costs that can come into play depending your situation. 

• Specialist Items 

There are certain items within your home that will result in a higher transportation cost because they need slightly more care! 

These include: 

• Antiques 
• Fine Art 
• Large Instruments (Grand Piano)  
• Chandeliers 

If you know that you have any of these items that will be joining you on your move, then you need to inform your chosen company of this so that they can factor it into the price quote. 

• Insurance 

Some services will include this in the initial price quote and others will add this on, so it’s important to understand and find out exactly what it is that’s included. 

Either way, it’s an important investment just in case anything becomes damaged or broken while being transported – touch wood it doesn’t! That way, you’re all safe in the event of anything going wrong and you’ve got a bit of added security. 

• Pre-Removal Survey 

This is sometimes compulsory and may or may not be included as part of the cost – it all depends on what the different company offers. 

We would definitely recommend this to you even if it’s not included as it allows your removal company to assess the content of your home and be able to give you a more accurate price. 

• Storage 

 If you have a gap in between leaving your old property and moving into your new one, you might want to consider putting your belongings into storage. 

This is normally charged per cubic foot, per week and it might be something that your chosen moving experts can offer and organise for you – it’s one less thing to think about!

Types of International Removal Transportation

When it comes to the actual movement and transportation of your possessions, you’ve got a couple of options as to how you do the moving. 

• Air 

Flights are a good method of transportation for things that you need to move quickly. Anything that is essential for your arrival would be better on a plane. 

• Advantage – this is a speedy method of transportation and would be much more suitable for anything that needs to make its way to your new home quickly. 

• Disadvantage – because it’s so quick and efficient, it becomes more expensive and other transport options might work out as significantly cheaper – particularly at a long distance. 

• Sea 

You can also transport things as part of a freight line – we wouldn’t recommend this for necessities though as they are known to be quite slow moving – especially at a long distance, you could find yourself waiting a while! 

• Advantage – it is cheaper to go by sea than by air. 

• Disadvantage – it can take a while and by plane, it will arrive significantly quicker. 

• Land 

Whether you are moving by air or by sea, you will need a vehicle to play a part in the transporting process. This will be responsible for moving things directly from door-to-door.

Things to Remember When Moving Abroad

When moving abroad, there are so many things to think about and contend with, so here are a few important things that you need to know that might slip under the radar as things that you need to remember to do. 

• Tell the Government offices – inform your Local Council, HM Revenue and the company in charge of your Pension Scheme that you are moving. This means that your taxes and pensions can be organised and altered. 

• Sort out your Visas – Certain countries will require you to have a Visa in order to stay there for a prolonged amount of time without Citizenship. These can take a while to clear and so it’s important that these are organised and completed well in advance. 

 It would actually be illegal for you to move without an appropriate visa, some countries might even refuse your entry – so it’s quite important that you get this organised! 

• Cars and Pets – You’ll be pleased to know that some companies will transport your cars and pets for you to your new home – some may not so it’s important to ask. Transporting your pet can be slightly more difficult than a car so this is something that might take a bit more time to be considered. 

 Moving a car can be so expensive that it might be cheaper for you to sell your car here and have one waiting for you at the other end – consider all of your options. 

 • Organise your currency – make sure you exchange your money well in advance and securely. If you are setting up a bank account overseas as well, make sure this is all completed well in advance so that it’s finalised before your big move. 

• Shared Transport – this can make things cheaper if you’re not in a big rush to get things to your new home. Waiting for other people to transport things to the same country will decrease the workload for the removal and might also decrease your price. 

• Consider the Country Rules – some countries or travel companies will have certain items (such as food and drink) that you cannot take in with you. 

 Make sure you ask your international removals company about this so you don’t end up getting into trouble! 

• Find a School for your Children – if you are moving with a family, make sure you organise their places in schools well in advance in case there is paperwork to be completed or any other requirements.

Things to Ask your International Moving Companies

When it comes down to questions, no matter how big or small, ask your removal company anything that you need to know – they are there to help! 

• Do you have a company tracking system? 

Some companies will offer you access to a tracking system to allow you to monitor and see where the moving process is up to. 

If this is something that you want access to, then it might help you to make a decision on the company that you want to use. It all depends on how much of an active involvement you want in the moving process. 

• What is included in the price quote? 

Some companies might offer insurance or the pre-removal survey as part of the original price quote rather than adding this on. This might help you to decide which company it is that you want to go with!