Who to Notify When Moving House

There are so many things to think about when moving house, who to inform, who to hire and where all of your stuff will go!
We’ve tried to make things a little easier by compiling a handy checklist of all of the companies you should contact with your change of address. 
Forgetting something could lead you to be one of the 2.6 million British people who is currently breaking the law!
There are 40+ companies, contacts and services you have to notify when you move house, which is an awful lot to remember! Thankfully, we've provided a useful list you can check off as you go.
Click here for a printable version of our 'Change of Address Checklist'

Change of Address

Under current UK law, if you hold either a provisional or a full UK driving licence and you are stopped by the police, then you could be fined £1000 by the police if you have the wrong address on your driving licence!
Also, not updating your V5C document can land you another £1000 fine! This will mean your tax is sent to the wrong place and have any details which are incorrect when it comes to tax can be a big mistake.
Luckily it does not cost a penny to update your driving licence with your new address!
If you need to update your mugshot, it will set you back £14

What else have you forgotten to change?

Financial Companies:

  • Employer 
This one is pretty easy. Give HR a call!
  • Bank/Building Society
Most of the time you can do this online without hassle, usually, log in to your online banking, go to ‘accounts’ – ‘settings’ – and finally ‘change contact details’. If not just give them a call!
  • Finance Agreements/Loans
You will usually have a contact number to call on a previous statement.
  • Home/Life Insurance Companies
If you have life insurance or home insurance you can usually change your details online.
  • Store Card Companies
Simply go online!
  • Inland Revenue
Inland Revenue does almost everything online.
  • National Insurance
Not many people are aware that you have to notify National Insurance, but you do!  
  • Council Tax
You don’t want HMRC chasing you for outstanding bills because you haven’t told them you have moved. Visit your local council’s website.
  • Online Shopping Services
If you have an Amazon, eBay or Asos account or any other online retailer.
  • Mobile Phone Companies
Usually can be changed online with little fuss.
  • Child Benefit
Simply fill out the online form!
  • Income Tax/Tax Credits
You guessed it, another online form!


  • Vehicle Insurance
Most insurance companies will have an online portal you can log in to.
  • Driving Licence
Do not forget to do this! Driving licence information can be changed within minutes online. 
  • Breakdown Cover
Google your breakdown cover provider for the relevant telephone numbers.
  • V5C/Vehicle Tax
You must update your V5C if you moved, or another £1000 fine could be coming your way. This will update your tax as well. Write your new address in section 6. Then sign and date the declaration in section. Send the whole V5C to the DVLA.


  • TV Licence
You will need your TV licence number, but don’t fret, you can still change your details without, it just takes a little longer!
  • Royal Mail
A simple online form, it should only take seconds.
  • Gas/Electric
You should have a contact number on the top of a bill to call to notify them.
  • TV/Phone/Broadband
Make sure you check your contact details and the availability of your provider in your new house. You can get stung with cancellation fees if your internet provider can’t cover the area your new house is in!
  • Mailing Preference Service
If you don’t want to receive cold calls, make sure you update your details. Visit their FAQ page to see how.
  • Library
You will most likely have to register to a new library, you should also give your local library a call to notify them.


  • Doctor/Dentist/Opticians
You will need to register with your new Doctors/Dentist/Opticians and tell your old ones about your change of address. You can normally only register with a new Doctor once you have proof of address.
  • Life Insurance/Pet Insurance
If you can find a letter or statement, this should have a contact number. If not you will normally have an email with some confirmation.
  • Gym
If your gym is a chain it will usually have different branches that you can visit. Advise them of the change of address and check your membership fee as some areas will charge more (if you’re moving to London for example).


  • Electoral Register
Follow simple online instructions.
  • School
An obvious one, but a very necessary one! You don’t want anyone wondering where your child has gone.
  • Magazine Subscriptions
Search for an email, or alternatively, go to the magazines' website and find the ‘contact us’ section.
  • Milkman/Newspapers
Make sure you cancel them if you are moving!
  • Tickets
One most people probably won’t think of, but if you have booked tickets to a show, on a lot of occasions the tickets will arrive a week before the show. Make sure they are not sent to the wrong address. This is a very common mistake!

Last but not least ...

  • Friends & Family
This is very necessary!

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