Moving House

How do I know when it's right to move home? 

It’s something that we all have in common. When we get older, we might find ourselves with the opportunity to move home. This particular change in moving house can bring with it many challenges - such as moving costs (house removals, conveyancers, surveyors etc.) - but it can also lead to many advantages for you if you've planned it correctly.

The main question is: is it the right thing to do?

How do you know when you are ready to move home?

My Big Move has gathered together a selection of various factors that can influence this important decision. A checklist for before you decide to move home.

Ask yourself these 14 questions before deciding whether or not to move home:

  1. Will You Miss Anything?
  2. Work?
  3. Relationships?
  4. Safety?
  5. Financials?
  6. Timing?
  7. Location?
  8. Space?
  9. Possible Extension?
  10. Broadband?
  11. Education?
  12. Socialising?
  13. Noise?
  14. Neighbours?

So, read on and see what matters most to you ...

1.) Will You Miss Anything?

Is your current home very close to your heart? When you move, you want to make sure there is nothing you look back on and regret. Is there something about the house/flat that compels you to stay, maybe a certain feature or room that you've grown fond of?
There can be many examples of this. Think about anything you like about your current house structure and see how much it influences your decision.

2.) Work

When moving home, you need to consider how this will impact upon your work and career. Are you moving solely because of a job opportunity? How big is the opportunity? Can you still access work as easily? How often are you working? How much is this going to impact your work-life balance? You should take note of who to contact when moving house.
If it requires you take a little time off, make sure your communication with your work is clear.

3.) Relationships?

Before choosing to move house, this is the perfect time to ask yourself: 'Am I in the right relationship?'. How will this move affect the relationship? Are you moving because of a partner? Are you moving solely for them? Is the length of the home move going to take its toll on yourself or your partner?
What about any family? Will they be satisfied with the move? Are you thinking about their best interests in addition to yours?

4.) Safety?

Another good thing to remember when moving home. You must consider all aspects of a new home and safety has proven to be a big part of people’s home purchases. Being situated in a safe neighbourhood can be crucial. Moving to a new home and subsequently discovering you're in a high-crime rate area is never a good thing.
Might this be the reason for your current move? Do you feel your current house is in an unsafe area?

5.) Expenses?

How much does it cost to move home? You should work out your financial situation and see how moving into a new house would affect you. Are you able to put aside emergency funds to cover any hidden costs?
Have you saved enough money yourself, or are you relying on another’s finances? Is it a flexible financial situation that is prodding you into a move? 

6.) Timing?

When should I buy a house? It's such an important aspect and there are lots of things to consider when thinking about the timing of the move. Would you feel rushed in this house move? Would it allow you enough time to sort out your current affairs and put the appropriate plans in place? Will other matters get in the way? Just how long does it take to move house? 
A good thing to research is how long you should own a house before selling. There might be some quality financial gain from delaying your house move.

7.) Location

Where should I move to? House moving always means packing up and moving to a new location. Whether that be a short or long distance away, the change of location is always difficult to get used to. Therefore, the designated area of living is such a vital aspect of moving homes.
Everyday life is a good thing to cover here. Travel? Schools? Shopping? House prices? Weather? 
You can use this handy tool to see local neighbourhood house prices, school ratings and home insurance information from anywhere across the UK. A perfect way to get informed!

8.) Space?

If you're looking to move into a new house, an important aspect is always the amount of space you desire.

Will this house move allow you enough space for your things? Is that an important factor to you? Will you be buying a larger or smaller house? Which leads to …

9.) Room for Extension?

Renovate or move? The former is a popular option for many. Extensions are a great way to open up a home that was previously limited.
Thinking about how to use this new space is an exciting period, so always make sure you consider whether this option is viable when asking yourself why you're moving house.

10.) Broadband

So, you say to yourself 'I want to buy a house'. One of the things that will most likely slip your attention is the broadband. An absolute must-have in today's ever-changing technological landscape is a good broadband signal.
Broadband signals or wi-fi must be checked and monitored if you're going for a house viewing. You’ll want to make sure you get good coverage at your new home, as this can open up your online communication tenfold. 

11.) Education

This can link to your family considerations. If you have children, you won't want to place them five miles away from the nearest education.
So, you need to ask yourself: Is there schooling nearby? What is its reputation? How far away must your kids travel? Is this a big factor in your long-term thinking? Are they old enough to transport themselves?

12.) Socialising

This can all depend on the person of course, but it's unlikely that anyone wants to be lonely. You'll want to make sure you have suitable places nearby to socialise and catch up with friends
Will these places be too far to travel to? Are they local? Easy-access? Count all the different social activities you can do around your potential new home and decide which things you'll want available to you.

13. Noise?

This is something you need to keep an ear out for. If you have lived in a high rise flat for many years or perhaps a more rural area, you may have got used to the peace and quiet.
You need to be aware of the surrounding area and check whether any noisy planning work is being pushed through nearby. This will make sure that you don’t move happily into your dream home, only to be crushed by its noisy surroundings.

14.) Neighbours?

Similar to the above but not exactly the same, troublesome neighbours can be a big source of stress and discomfort in your new home. Neighbours need to be respectful of your street and your property, controlling any loud pets and making sure they are quiet after hours.
This is always so important because, legally, there is not a lot you can do if they are causing you stress and bother. 

Should I Move to a New House?

Consider Every Possibility ...

These factors can make a useful checklist to run through when you are thinking about moving home. The big decisions need to include every possibility and opportunity you can think of. By running through these factors on whether you should move to a new house, you can seek comfort in the fact that you have considered as much as possible.

So, check through, ask yourself every question you can think of and give yourself enough time to mull it over.

There are sure to be benefits and drawbacks of both decisions, but at least you can create a pros and cons list.

How My Big Move Can Help You

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