Best places to live abroad

We’ve created a list of the best places to live abroad. In Britain the weather's almost always grey, we’re underpaid, undervalued and overworked, so let’s make a change… let’s move away!

1. Australia
Best places to live abroad

More than a million expats have made the move down under to Australia. Popular with families, those who have moved there claim that it brings a better climate, better work/life balance and often better pay (especially for those in the medical profession).

However, Australia has a Skilled Immigration points calculator which you will have to consider when applying for a VISA.

 2. Spain

Best places to live abroad

Spain had to make our short list of one of the best places to live abroad because it’s the most popular choice for expats within Europe, with more than 380,000 choosing to escape to the sunnier climate.

Popular with the retired looking for relaxation and also those looking for work (no work VISA is required from EU residents), Spain’s culture and proximity to Blighty make it a favourite with our expats.

3. China

Best places to live abroad

Not an obvious choice for places to live abroad. However, it is estimated that the current British population in China is around 3.5 million, with many entrepreneurs and career seekers taking advantage of what the vast country has to offer.

China’s very low living costs and high wages attract our expats into seeking a higher standard of living than they have experienced in the UK (even on a low wage you should still be able to afford a cleaner when living in China).

4. Switzerland

Best places to live abroad

A romantic choice for our expats, with gorgeous scenery, skiing in the mountains throughout winter and enjoying hot summers by the lakes. English is spoken as a second language for most Swiss residents usually making it a pain-free transition.

A higher standard of living is enjoyed throughout Switzerland with a very low unemployment rate and an excellent education system which makes it an appealing choice for families and young couples.

5. Japan
Best places to live abroad

An exciting prospect for any adventure seeker; moving to Japan can offer incredible and bizarre experiences throughout everyday life. There are many job opportunities for British expats to take advantage of in Japan, with English teachers being in high demand across the country but particularly in Tokyo, presenting our expats with the chance to immerse themselves in Japanese culture.

6. Canada

Best places to live abroad

Similarly to Switzerland, Canada offers a huge range of exciting qualities for those who are passionate about nature and the outdoors with 20% of the globes fresh water residing in Canada’s great lakes.

There are also fantastic career opportunities available as Canada was very mildly affected by the economic crash and is currently experiencing a shortage of certain skilled workers.

7. United Arab Emirates

Best places to live abroad

The United Arab Emirates is a scorching hot, tax-free expat paradise made up of seven different emirates including Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which follow varying degrees of Islamic laws.

The attractions of moving to the UAE include high salaries, an incredible nightlife and a hugely diverse culture with locals only creating 20% of the population, making it a very popular destination with the young and career focussed expats.

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