My Big Move wants your house move to go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we will only recommend removal companies that will offer you the very best service for your house move. You’ll receive a list of quotes first from the most suitable providers, then some of the removal companies may contact you to ask about the service you require. 

This is a great time to let them know if you have any specific needs (such as furniture disassembly service, appliance disconnection, items that will require special handling such as pianos, antiques, etc.). Before making a final choice, there are several queries that we suggest discussing with the house removals firm.

Choosing the Best Removal Company

Ask for an Assessment 

Your removal company should pay you a visit (free of charge) to survey the job and then provide you with a binding quote. The job survey is their opportunity to assess the volume of belongings that need to be moved so that they can plan accordingly. Be honest about the number of items that will need to be moved or the company may be unprepared for unexpected tasks on moving day.  
This is when you should make the company aware of any access issues at either of the addresses involved. They will need to park as close as possible to both properties and you may need to arrange parking permits for this.

​​​Check the Insurance  

Ask the removal company about the level of insurance they have for goods in transit. This is to make sure that all of your possessions will be covered should any damage befall them.  You’ll also need to find out if you should arrange extra cover with your own insurance company.

​​How to Pay  

Ask how the company would prefer to be paid for the job.  Reputable companies will be able to accept payment by debit/credit card as well as cash. Be wary of using a company that insists on cash-in-hand or a large cash deposit.

Delays Policy

Find out what the company’s policy is regarding delays.  Some removal companies charge an hourly rate for delays. The reason for any delay might be out of your control, so you will need to know this in advance.

House removals

Packaging and extras 

Most removal companies will provide you with packing boxes which could save you money on the overall house removal costs. Some will sell you the necessary boxes, while others may provide a box hire service. You’ll need to find out if this will incur extra charges.
You’ll also need to ask if any furniture disassembly or appliance disconnection services will incur extra costs that aren’t included in the initial quote.

Professional Staff

If the removal company staff wear a uniform, then that’s a significant indicator that the company delivers a professional service and provides you with an easy means of identifying their staff. It’s also important that those working on the team are friendly and approachable – you'll need to feel like you can trust them with your precious belongings.
Team members who are polite and friendly towards you will remove some of the stress that moving day inevitably brings and make you feel more at ease during the move.


Ask the removal company about their complaints procedure.  Most reputable companies will be members of a removal trade association or organisation (such as BAR, the British Association of Removers) and will have a dispute resolution procedure in place to resolve any issues that have given cause for complaint.  
The removal companies that we recommend at My Big Move are members of our Ombudsman Scheme which gives you an extra level of assurance should the move not go to plan.


Check the removal companies’ feedback from previous clients – satisfied customers are always a good sign that the company will provide a friendly, professional and reliable service.

Overseas Removals 

If you’re moving abroad then advance planning is vital to make sure that you have the necessary time to complete the extra work involved.  Make sure you obtain quotes from a number of removal companies and check on their feedback from previous clients.  Starting the process well in advance will give you the opportunity to make an informed choice and get to know the removal team who will be overseeing your move.  
During the initial survey, you’ll be able to ask about issues such as customs requirements, the level of insurance offered by the company and any additional service that they provide for overseas removals.  
International removals companies usually offer a professional export wrapping service and it’s often the case that your belongings will only be covered by the company’s insurance if you opt for this service.  A professional wrapping service will also give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your belongings are less likely to be damaged in transit during the long journey. 
Specialist packing materials will be provided and the removal company’s staff will have been fully trained in wrapping items securely. For customs purposes, you’ll need to list all of your belongings on an inventory during the packing process.
As with domestic removal companies, make sure that the people you deal with are friendly and approachable.  A responsive team is a team that you can trust and you need to feel at ease with the service you’ve chosen.

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