Where should I move to

Where Should I Live?

The Best Places to Live in the UK 
A question often asked by those who are wanting something new from their lives. Everyone wants to live in the most suitable place, so it will always depend on what type of person you are and what tastes you have. In general, however, it can become quite tedious living in the same city, town or village for years on end.
If this is the case, you'll most certainly be finding yourself thinking: ‘Where should I move to?’
Take a look at our brief guide to discover the top six places to live in the UK, taking into account popularity, culture, work, education and environment.

1.) Edinburgh

where should I move to

Scottish Heritage

Edinburgh is the cultural capital of Scotland, offering a myriad of festivals, museums and theatre productions, not to mention the variety of shops for your retail therapy needs.
The city is home to the prestigious Edinburgh University, offers excellent healthcare and has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the entire UK, with 74% of the population in regular work.
The picturesque scenery of Edinburgh will never fail to take your breath away, and combined with an average income of £25,000 (above the national average) and 99% mobile phone coverage, maybe this is exactly where you should move to.

 2.) Winchester

where should I move to
"And wait for this all to blow over ..."
The historic southern city of Winchester was recently revealed as one of the UK’s top destinations that you could potentially move to (Independent, 2016).
Most popular with families, Winchester has a variety of high-achieving state schools, most notably Peter-Symmonds sixth-form college which had offered students 43 places at Oxbridge last year alone.
The greenery of the city combined with its historic buildings, such as Winchester Cathedral, make it extremely popular amongst its residents and with only a one-hour train journey to London, you would never be short of a thriving city.
However, living in Winchester is rapidly becoming more expensive, so if you think this is the city where you should move to, then hurry and make the move before it gets too pricey!

3.) Solihull

where should I move to
Quaint Town Living?
The town of Solihull is situated in the West Midlands and is the perfect destination for new families to move to. Solihull has a large number of schools and 15 parks including nature reserves.
It is one of the most affluent places in the UK (aside from London), and it is also surprisingly the birthplace of many Olympians, as well as Richard Hammond and John Taylor (the bassist from the band Duran Duran).
Solihull also offers many annual festivals, one of the most popular is the Solihull carnival which takes place every June. The average house price in Solihull is £220,000 (which is below the national average) making it the perfect place to start a family.
It also has a high average life expectancy; 85 years for women and 80 years for men. So, perhaps Solihull is the place you should move to in order to enjoy a happy life?

4.) York

where should I move to
Capital of English History?
York is one of the UK’s most popular cities, offering an abundance of culture, lifestyle and educational opportunities.
The Grand Opera House and Theatre Royal offer the best national talent for residents to enjoy. In addition, the city is well known for its renowned restaurants and the annual York Food and Drink festival which attracts more than 150,000 visitors to the city.
The tourism in York is essential to the economy and therefore the area offers many employment opportunities, translating to a 73% employment rate (one of the highest in the UK).
The University of York is one of the best in the UK, drawing in countless students each year. The Housing, too, is surprisingly cheap for one of the UK’s leading cities, which makes it a great place for those who are recently out of education.
York's variety of shops situated in historic settings make it a great contender for the best place to live in the UK.

5.) London

where should I move to
The City of Everything
The capital city of the UK is extremely diverse and offers countless opportunities to the people living there.
The culture in London is second-to-none; there are many food markets, such as Borough, Smithfield and Billingsgate Market, offering a variety of foods from up and coming local businesses.
The vibrancy of the city combined with copious things to do, such as visiting one of the many high-quality restaurants, shopping in the iconic Oxford Street or Camden and the vast nightlife make London an attractive location where young career seekers should move to.
The more tranquil area of West Hampstead is perfect for new families, only a short tube journey from the buzz of the centre. Whilst living in London is quite expensive, it is compensated by the huge number of employment opportunities and generally greater salaries.
Living in London is always an unforgettable experience for many so you should move to this cultural epicentre today!

6.) Surrey

where should I move to

The Perfect Location?

Surrey has the highest GDP per capita in the UK, and a high average wage owing to the high-quality jobs on offer.
The county is full of lush greenery and situated near to the busy city of London. It is a calm and tranquil place to live, whilst being a popular commuter location to London, which can greatly increase the job opportunity outreach when moving here.
Whilst house prices are high, this is counteracted by the high salaries earned by those living there. The county is very historic and is home to many monuments, as well as offering a huge variety of sporting opportunities, for example, Molesey Boat Club has a development programme which has trained many of the UK’s leading rowers, and most notably, two gold medalists at the recent 2012 Olympics.
Surrey has a magnitude of opportunities for families, couples, aspiring athletes and businessmen. Most certainly an area you should be considering.

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