If you’ve visited your potential new home a few times and received the mortgage lender’s valuation survey you may be wondering why you should have another survey carried out by a Chartered Surveyor (trained and trusted).  

Just carry on reading to find out just how vital it is that a home survey is carried out before you buy.

5 Reasons You Need a House Survey

1.) Huge investment

A home or property is probably the most expensive thing you will ever buy so spending this relatively small sum to make sure you’re making a sensible investment in your new home makes sense.  

Once you’ve moved in, the last thing you’ll want is to discover that there are expensive repairs that need to be carried out.  If there are serious problems that need attending to it could be a time consuming and expensive undertaking, especially when you’ve just spent so much money on the move.  

A house survey from a Chartered Surveyor will identify any problems with the property so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not to go ahead with the purchase.  If no problems are discovered during the survey, then you’ll have the reassurance you need that you’re making a sound investment.

2.) They're looking out for you

A mortgage valuation is carried out on behalf of the lender and is designed to confirm the property’s value so that the mortgage is secure.  The mortgage valuation does not check for any structural problems that would need to be fixed at your expense.   

Your conveyancing solicitor will advise you that you can’t rely on the mortgage valuation and will advise you to arrange for a survey with a Chartered Surveyor before going ahead with the purchase.

RICS Chartered Surveyors have the necessary training and experience to spot any potential structural problems in a property.  There are two  different types of survey available (both of which provide information on the condition of the property) which provide differing degrees of detail about the structural soundness of the building:

  • Homebuyer Report:

This is the report that RICS recommends for modern houses and older houses that are in good condition. It’s a relatively short report that covers any important issues that may affect the value of the property.

  • Building Survey:

This is a longer report that contains precise details of the construction and condition of the building. This report used to be called the Structural Survey and it’s vital if you’re planning to carry out major alterations or if the property in question has already undergone significant alteration or is in a state of neglect.

3.) Avoid costly repairs

A survey could save you thousands of pounds if there are urgent repairs necessary due to problems with the building. 

The survey will list any defects in the building with information on how serious they are and how much the repairs are likely to cost. 

A Chartered Surveyor will also provide you with advice on any maintenance work that should be carried out and how to prevent damage in the future.

4.) Reassurance

A house survey will offer you the peace of mind you need to enter into the purchase with confidence. 

You will have all the information on any problems encountered and the necessary repair work involved. 

If no problems are discovered, then you can rest assured that you won’t get any unwelcome surprises after moving in as the survey would have revealed any defects.

5.) Renegotiate your offer

If the surveyor discovers structural issues, you can use the information to renegotiate your offer by taking into consideration the cost of the necessary repair work. 

You could also negotiate with the current owner for the repair work to be carried out before you exchange contracts.  The surveyor’s report will contain all the information you need to negotiate with confidence.

As the buyer, it’s your responsibility to arrange for an independent survey to be carried out on the property to check for structural problems.

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